Hello! My name is Daniel.


Me, showing my support for the campaign against violence over women ‪#‎orangetheworld‬ ‪#‎heforshe‬ ‪#‎stopviolenceagainstwomen‬

Born and raised in Bitola, Macedonia and proud of it. At age 9, saved my allowance money to buy my first camera (a plastic 110). I am in love with photography and making pictures ever since. This is the place where I am sharing those pictures with you. “Showing the world through my eyes” may be a phrase that describes those images best, but I will not use it here.

Working as a creative in advertising agency by day, and having fun with my family at night is my best superhero ability. Making images in between is the thing that fulfills my life.

“…most logical of the nineteenth-century aesthetes, Mallarme, said that everything in the world exists in order to end in a book. Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”

Susan Sontag “On Photography”